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Completed Projects

Global, National and Local

As experts and project coordinators UB personnel participated in following projects: 

○   Green Cities and Settlements-Sustainable Spatial Development in Remote Border Areas (KA192)
○   Increasing the Competitiveness of SMEs Through Energy Efficiency (KA385)
○   Kolarctic ENPI CBC Project Enhancement of Oil Spill Response System by Establishing Oil Database (KO437)
○   The Internet of Things (IoT) – “Tekes-DIGILE project, specializing in facilitation and generation of IoT application for socioeconomic, i.e. environmental, health and well-being, international development.

Our experts also contributed to development and implementation of:

  1.  Environmental protection projects within the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Spin-off:

  2. HealtheWV

  3. Mapping and Monitoring Coal Sludge Impoundments in West Virginia (USA)

  4. Local Environment Protection, Knowledge and Technology Transfer projects and activities.

  5. Cross-continental E-Learning (E-Missions) educational package for NASA Challenger center USA, WV.

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