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Latest News. 23.01.2022

First Project Meeting in 2022

January  21st, 2022

Meeting 2022 January_edited.jpg

Last Friday, the second online working meeting of the partners of the KO5109 project “International School of Ecological Volunteering" took place on-line.
United Borders presented a virtual platform that will be used by all partners and involved volunteers to connect all interested parties and partners.
The School of Environmental Volunteering will be held in hybrid format in June 2022, with environmental activists from Russia, Norway and Finland participating.
The platform will become a handy tool for continuous communication, association and exchange of experience as well as space for educational material concerning environmental problems in the Arctic and ways to solve it. This platform will not only bring together volunteers from the three countries, but will also increase the attractiveness of volunteering and its effectiveness in sustainable development in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection in vulnerable Arctic regions.

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AquaBizSynergy Portal coming live in May

May 7th, 2021

The Portal is almost ready, final touches to be apply.

First year membership will be free for everybody.

More info coming soon

Samples are  ready to be shipped to Karelia, Russia

April  27th, 2021

Products have been selected. Paperwork starts. Soon it will be shiped for testing to Karelian Fish Factories and Silver Onega Aquaculture production companies in Russian Karelia

More info coming later

United Borders became an official partner in new project called "International School of Eco-volunteers"

March 4th, 2021

The objective of the project “International School of Eco-volunteers” is to establish a platform for international training, networking and joint activities of eco-volunteers. Lauch of the project Fall 2021


Russia-Finland Cooperation in the Arctic Round Table

December 4th, 2020

WE3 Team and UO experts, participated in the Russia-Finland Cooperation in the Arctic Round Table organized by Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Building the new strategy and approaches for future bilateral and multilateral Cooperation in the Arctic

More info coming later
Stora Enso 3.jpg

EcoFishBox, Stora Enso. Meeting on Export - Import Opportunities 

November 12th, 2020

On November 12th United Borders and Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Karelia held very productive meeting with Stora Enso on how to boost export-import relationship cross-border through introduction of new eco-friendly packaging solution for aquaculture products! Next step - SMEs involvement on both sides!

More info coming later

«Eurasia Global»

October 2020

Our project KA4081 have been presented have been presented by Ekaterina Leshyh at fifth International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global". It  is a platform for practice-oriented dialogue between young representatives of the Russian Federation and foreign partners. In 2020, the forum was held under the auspices of UNESCO; representatives of the youth of the Russian Federation and young citizens of foreign countries took part in the event.

More info coming later
Synergy Site.jpg

AC cross-border business synergy portal coming soon....

August 20th 2020

Developed by UB spesialist AquaBizSynergy portal  will help industry players to find new partners, discuss industry news and events.

 Aquaculture Cross-Border Business Synergy Portal is created with one goal in mind: giving our members the most user-friendly and professional interactive platform for a serious discussion about aquaculture business and entrepreneurship. The topics in our Portal will be varied, and contributors come from all aquaculture production related companies. Have a topic or business idea you would like to discuss with your partners cross-border? Join our Portal and start your own thread today! Contact us with questions or comments.

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July 2020

Two new projects  have been approved in June 2020

More information on the projects can be found in Current projects section

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Kostomus 2019.2.jpg

Business Forum in Kostomuksha, Karelia

October 2019

Presenting KA4033 achievements at KOSTOMUKSHA BUSINESS FORUM

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