Sustainable Energy
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Current Projects

Green Solutions to Improve Cross-Border Ecological State

Cross Border Business Opportunities Creation Empowered by Modern IT and IoT Technologies (KA4033), Karelia CBC

An Innovative Solutions for Aquaculture Industry Cross-border

 UB acting as full partner and project developer. Project is planning to solve the problem of technological, business and environmental sustainability of aqua-culture (AC) SMEs in Republic of Karelia (Karelia) and Finland by empowering these SMEs with innovative solutions of Internet of Things (IoT) and Modern Information Technologies (mIT) Project period 2018-2021

SUPER: Sustainability Under Pressure: Environmental Resilience in natural and cultural heritage areas with intensive recreation (KA5033)

Sustainable Development 

UB participated in initial development of the project.
The project aim is to deal with weak or uncertain environmental resilience of the unique pilot territories with the high recreational load.
The sites are attractive and visited by numerous tourists, which makes their environmental resilience vulnerable to the intensive recreation side effects. Moreover, there are issues of the weak infrastructure and poor knowledge about environmental risks, sustainable development, waste management and traditional landscapes support. Project period: 2018-2021

SMART SYSTEMS to monitor National Parks Environment

UB acting as experts and project developers.  Project is planning to address the common challenge of weakened sustainability of living, work, tourism and recreational environment in two Arctic National Parks: Vodlozersky National Park (NP) and Pasvik State Nature Reserve (SNR). Project period: 2020-2021


UB specialists participate as experts. Project objectives: Development of sustainable international academic and business partner network aimed at wider wind turbines/parks application in Cold Climate regions; conducting research on wind turbine application under cold climate conditions; studying the problem of ice and snow impacts on wind turbine operation under cold climate conditions. Project period: 2020-2022