About Us

United Borders incorporates several professionals with multi-year experience in international business development, technology transfer and innovation, environmental engineering and management, and cross-cultural cooperation.

The company’s mission and vision are focused on facilitation of business and cross-cultural cooperation, knowledge and technology innovation transfer between Finland, the Russian Federation and other countries, with the purpose of building of new economic, social, scientific and cross-cultural bridges.

Philosophy of Our Company Name:

There always have been geographic, cultural, economic and social borders among the countries; but most importantly there are always will be common values and many interests for uniting people, organizations and authorities of different countries.

So that, this intentionally chosen oxymoron (“united borders“) serves the purpose of making individuals and organization to think and perhaps to share our philosophy of peoples’ and organizations’ unification for common good, not division over big or small issues.

Company operates freely in three languages: English, Russian and Finnish. Its members hold several high degrees from Russian, American and Finnish universities.


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